We deliver individual consultants to support your organization. Or even better – small, entrepreneurial teams that solve complex problems quickly.

Our mission is to guide, challenge and support our clients using projects unique qualities in creating lasting impact.

Who we are

Our Digital Improvement Specialists will support the required change trajectory of your business to enable you to achieve extraordinary results. We provide the expertise you need to align your leadership with a shared vision of what the future can be and how to achieve it throughout the transformation process. We deliver individual consultants to support your organization. Or even better – small, entrepreneurial teams that solve complex problems quickly.

Åge Martin Kranzmann
Åge Martin KranzmannChief Executive Officer
Manager with considerable track record building teams and strong lasting customer relations. Leading EIK Management with a value-based leadership approach, setting the course for the company.
Creating value in every effort made combined with a willingness to challenge the client. Never losing sight of the long term perspective is his approach to building teams and services.
Nina Brattetaule
Nina BrattetauleChief Strategy Officer
Dynamic and motivated leader with a proven record of generating and building relationships, managing projects and portfolios from concept to completion and coaching individuals to success. Major experience lies in leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement in strategy, process, and profitability. With an ability to work independently and developing opportunities that further establish organizational goals.
Trond Iden
Trond IdenChief People Officer
Engaged coach and experienced manager dedicated to help people and companies grow. With his relentless focus on each and every person, he is a driving force in building the culture, setting the stage and being the support for growth, expansion and success of whomever he interacts with. Years of experience in the consultant industry, giving full attention to the entire employee life cycle – from talent acquisition to brilliant on-boarding to off-boarding and their next career.
Oddvar Brennhovd
Oddvar BrennhovdChief Technology Officer
Goal-oriented and ambitious leader with vast IT experience. A digital improvement specialist that seeks to enhance a company’s technical performance without ignoring the importance of processes and people as part of any business or digital transformation journey. Aim for collaboration across the client’s organization ensuring fact-based, high quality deliverables in any project. Dedicated to deliver improvement – involving his co-workers through transparency, knowledge sharing and trust.
Henrik Støilehommen
Henrik StøilehommenChief Improvement Officer
Experienced product owner and project manager who is actively engaged with any client and team. An excellent decision-maker that understands the market, the customer and the business in order to make sound decisions. Showing commitment by doing whatever is necessary to build the best product or project possible – and that means being actively engaged with the team. Structured and goal-oriented, efficient and transparent. Dedicated to drive improvement through digitalization across industries.
Tomas Fjogstad
Tomas FjogstadChief Collaboration Officer
Team-oriented and engaged stakeholder manager with extensive IT experience and knowledge. A master of collaboration with a keen eye on the delicate balance between technology and operations. Switches effortlessly between domains and organisational levels building bridges, mitigating discussions and enabling progress and results. Engaged in developing teams and proficient in addressing issues, leveraging tension and conflict through understanding and communication.
Caring, supporting, hard-working and with a huge work capacity, he is a prime driver for any ambitious project.
Terje Berg
Terje BergDigital Improvement Specialist
Technology-savvy subsea engineer with interest in, and experience from digitalization projects. Broad knowledge and experience with a double T-shaped competence base skilled in mechanical engineering as well as digital business needs. Sound managerial skills acquired through Airforce program training.
An interpreter and guide between technology, digital tools and process and the business he guides, implements and improves projects and initiatives.
Easy going, hard worker and eager learner.
Tor-Inge Gran
Tor-Inge GranSenior Strategic Advisor
Strategic and experienced IT, HSEQ and drilling manager with deep knowledge of the oil and gas industry and strategic mindset paired with operational know-how. His major experience lies in strategy and leading cross-functional teams to bring about fundamental change and improvement, process, and profitability – both as a leader and domain expert. Thriving equally well in the operations room offshore as in a board room, Tor-Inge enables change, always paired with insight dedication and energy.
Grete Søyland
Grete SøylandImprovement Specialist
Driven and task-oriented manager and coach, improvement and development lead with strategic overview. A project manager, team coach and LEAN advisor with a strong background in communication, negotiations and change management. Years of experience working towards the internal organisation, external partners and authorities, regionally, locally and internationally. Providing a relentless focus on the people, the team and their continual development to ensure alignment, trust and teamwork to efficiently reach the goal that has been set.
Henrik Holhjem
Henrik HolhjemDigital Improvement Specialist
Soft- and hard-skilled project manager with updated technology insights, know-how and experience. Highly valued from customers, colleagues, as well as both technical, commercial and design groups he interacts with. His analytical mind is paired with a genuine interest in building and developing safe and productive teams, thereby delivering value, sharing know-how and creating user-focused and intuitive solutions.
Knowledgeable, certified, ambitious as well as empathic, patient and optimistic.
Kari Feldt
Kari FeldtDigital Improvement Specialist
People, process and progress oriented project manager with international background and 10 years experience from the healthcare and finance industry. Major strengths are the business oriented and entrepreneurial mindset with a continuous drive for improvement, building strong teams and working efficiently utilizing a variation of methods. Her interpersonal skills and communicative skills are assets in any challenging environment.

What we do


Innovation is redefining entire industries. To thrive amid these profound changes you need a strategy that meets today’s challenges and seize tomorrow`s opportunities. We start with understanding the current state based on fact-based needs and opportunities using tailor-made thinking that works for the unique requirements of each individual client. Through design, prototyping, idea testing, innovation, behavior science and design thinking we build a strategy that your employees will believe in and deliver on.


Directing the individual project correctly will ensure it is done right. Directing ‘all the projects’ successfully will ensure we are doing the right projects. We help our clients with both. Project management focuses on the execution of individual projects with a set time-frame and scope, while Portfolio management keeps the big picture in mind to make strategic decisions. Let us deliver consistent results, reduce the cost, increase efficiencies in the process, improve satisfaction, and provide a competitive advantage to your company through digital improvement.


Let your people become the company`s competitive edge. When companies get it right, people not only boost performance but does it in a way that makes it almost impossible for anyone to follow. We will help you unlock the full potential of your people so they can effectively execute your strategy. Ensuring that they are adaptable and innovative in the face of change, simple and efficient even as you grow.

How we do it

Courage combined with Integrity

We are team players, a brave and honest partner working with brave and honest clients. We prevent businesses from spending time and money on projects that aren’t set up to succeed. We engage early, contribute throughout and follow through using our expertise and «know-how» to help you get it right the first time.

We help build smaller compatible teams of people who become stronger together. Sharing a common goal, utilizing the different skills and benefiting from the speed and agility that comes from true commitment, ownership and stamina is the surest path to success.

It’s all about
The People

Any and all collaborative efforts, whether in sports, business or life in general are in its nature dependent on People. It is never an Organisation, a Community or a Sports-team in itself that creates results and impacts or changes the path we are on. In the same way, no given individual get very far on her or his own.

We believe in and work diligently for gathering, enabling and championing the right kind of people. We name and acknowledge their strengths and challenges. We enable, foster, grow and nurture the sense of WE, the feeling of US and the drive to Get Things Done – together. Because – it is all about the People.


We use our experience to ensure that business strategies become more than words on a presentation. We know the importance of understanding and translating business needs into digital roadmaps and detailed requirements, including people and their «know-how» in the process. Digital transformation isn’t really about technology, it is about identifying how to optimize the way we work tomorrow, by doing the right thing today.

We provide guidance and management throughout the digital transformation journey as improvement specialists.


We are brave and honest with empathy


We will always put our clients first, acting as their wingman


We get things done making sure improvement is at the heart of every change

Our vision

EIK will by 2023 be the bravest and most caring home for digital improvement specialists on the West Coast. The chosen few thrive in the midst of our customers biggest challenges.


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